Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Deafening Silence

The Project Gunwalker scandal is heating up w/ threats of contempt for ATF head Melson in his reluctance to comply and the revelations of thousands of firearms being deliberately trafficked to Mexican cartels.

And there hasn't been a sound from the Brady Campaign, Violence Policy Center, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence or any of the other gun ban groups. The ones who have spent over a year trying to blame US firearm owners and attempting to ban more guns.


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Weer'd Beard said...

their litmus for good or not-good is if it makes life harder for lawful gun owners. Banning guns to attempt to curb Mexican violence = Good. Curtailing the BATFE's unchecked powers to curb Mexican violence = Bad

They don't even really care about "Gun Death", they only care about banning guns.

Chas said...

Zero out ATF's funding and see how compliant they become when they want their paychecks.