Friday, April 22, 2011

Libelous Ladd Everitt @CSGV Strikes Again

As Sebastian noted, the CSGV is on a mission to smear pro-rights advocates. Their latest target is AntiTango , an occasional blogger, in which they posted a Note on their FB page entitled "Meet a Gun Rights Activist".

Ladd posts a couple of tweets w/ his personal commentary on them, nothing unusual from the guy that considers Chuck Norris a traitor. But then the fun begins. He used some selective rewording when referencing Tango's blog.

Except Tango didn't say anything about 'crying'. The exact words were :
After a dozen times, he got a super sad, big pouty lip on his face, and started chewing.

Well Ladd Everitt caught wind that he had been caught and pulled the fabricated wording from the note, but not before the above screen cap was made.

So in their efforts to smear pro-rights advocates, they still have to resort to deception and lies. In this case making libelous allegations of child abuse. Too bad for them the internet never forgets. A lesson he still has yet to learn.

Update: Tango's response to Ladd's Libel.
Update II: Sebastian bitchslaps Ladd and his fellow fanatics.

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Linoge said...

Ladd Everitt lied, we caught him in the lie, and then he Memory Hole'd the lie?

You do not say...

Ladd as an inveterate liar... if you took that away from him, the man would literally have nothing to say.

alcade said...

If you search for "Ladd Everitt" on Google Images one of your Twitter screen captures is the tenth one down. Perhaps you should do more Everitt images to help further that along.

You know, he kind of looks like Loughner.

LC Scotty said...

Apparently they are planning on siccing child protective services on Tango for making his kid eat.

Thirdpower said...

Yes he does. Kurt's STL Gun Rights Examiner noted the similarities..

Thirdpower said...

Let's see what kind of Libel and Harassment charges they can make for themselves.

Lokidude said...

Seriously? Tango is as nice a guy as you could hope to meet, and a totally devoted dad. Siccing CPS or whoever on him for this is shameful in the extreme.

Weer'd Beard said...

All anti-rights activists are angry cyber stalkers it would appear.

Just some are able to conceal it better.

They are all Jadegolds.

Chas said...

Markie Marxist sez: "We Marxists never had this problem when we controlled the media. This Internet thing is too democratic! We'll have to "regulate" it."

Chas said...

The Coalition Against Gun Violence aims its animosity at lawful gun owners, not at those who commit crimes with guns. So, are they really "against gun violence" or just against lawful gun owners? If you look at how they make use of their time, and who their animosity is aimed at, you can only conclude that they have nothing against criminals with guns, but hate lawful gun owners. As such, they are just another leftist front group looking to score points against the political right.
When they seriously push the death penalty for gangbangers who kill, with its inherently zero recidivism rate, then their claimed opposition to gun violence can be taken seriously. Until then, they're just using their trumped up gun issue as a ruse to abuse their political opponents, and that is wrong of them.

LC Scotty said...

This has zero to do with misplaced concern for Tango's son and everything to do with squashing dissent. The message is "Open your mouth and we'll f***ing destroy your family."

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

That Ladd/GritsJr is a liar is, of course, no surprise to anyone. It's the fact that he's so bad at it, and apparently expects to get away with such easily detected lies, that is hard to fathom.

"Director of Communications," indeed!

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

By the way, just to make sure Tango can't be accused of doing what Lyin' Ladd did (changing his post), here's a screen cap of the Google Cache, showing that it was just as Tango said it was back on April 19, before this "controversy" started.