Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Colin Goddard's Double Standards

Brady Campaign spokesman Colin Goddard opposes Concealed Carry in Illinois:
Garrett Evans and Colin Goddard, two victims of the 2007 Virginia Tech mass shooting, and a Chicago Police Department official spoke against the concealed carry bill at Wednesday's press conference.
Interesting, because just the other day he stated he would support a Nat'l CCW proposal if it had strict standards.
@ if there are national minimal standards for CCW's including live-fire training/tests, speaking personally, yes i'm in

@ I'd prefer TX + annual testing - either way, this is the middle ground compromise that NRA bosses won't ever engage with
Well the proposed IL bill is much stricter in qualifications that Texas but he's opposing it anyway. Why? Because his bosses need his VT victim status to push their agenda.

How does it feel to be used Colin? To be a puppet w/ someone else pulling the strings?

(Nevermind the fact that the Chicago Police Sgt.s Assoc and Chicago Police LT's Assoc. both SUPPORT the RTC bill)

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Sebastian said...

He's not stupid... Brady would love to get federal standards rather than having national reciprocity shoved down their throats, which we can probably do.

If they had such standards, conceivably they could later make an issue those standards aren't strong enough, then turn the ratchet.

Thirdpower said...

I don't know. W/ nat'l standards, all there fortress states like NY, CA, NJ, etc would lose their 'may issue' status.

alcade said...

Paul: Jump!

Collin: How high, sir?

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

I don't know. W/ nat'l standards, all there fortress states like NY, CA, NJ, etc would lose their 'may issue' status.

Well, Sen. Boxer wants a national standard of California-style May Issue (of course she hasn't managed a single co-sponsor).

The hilarious part is what she said about the Thune Amendment back in '09.

This debate is not about the right to own a gun. That has been settled by the Supreme Court in the Heller case. It is about allowing States to determine their own laws. And I totally get why some more rural States with fewer people would have different laws on conceal and carry than a State of 38 million people, my home State of California. Leave us alone. Leave us alone. You want to have conceal and carry with very few requirements, fine.

She was for state determination of concealed carry laws, until she was against it.

Maybe that's where Colin learned the double standard approach to "gun control" advocacy.

Ken said...

I think that "minimal standards" for a permit to speak on self-defense issues should include a requirement that the applicant not have hid under a desk so that a murderer would kill his friends instead of him.

Chas said...

Colin Goddard should oppose criminals carrying concealed, but he doesn't. Instead, he's been aimed at law-abiding gun owners by his leftist handlers, who want to talk about banning guns instead of talking about banning criminals.
Gangbangers who kill are the biggest group of murderers who misuse guns. How about the death penalty for gangbangers who kill, Colin? Zero recidivism is a perfectly achievable goal, since dead killers have never been known to kill again - they always find themselves lacking the required motivation.
Of course, if you need gun violence to advance your gun ban agenda, and thus want as much of it as you can get, you’d want to get killers back on the street as fast as possible so they can kill again. Turnaround time for that 16-year old in Florida, who committed armed robbery and was released from custody to murder two British tourists 12 hours later, was only 2 weeks. Was that fast enough for you, Colin?