Friday, April 15, 2011

Goddard's Been Assimilated

He's now a drone regurgitating the standard PSH, talking points and outright nonsense.
private sellers already charge more $ b/c "no tax, no paperwork, that's gotta be worth somethin" - worth a lot to criminals
That's allegedly from a conversation he recorded. So that apparently applies to ALL sellers.

When asked how to make checks 'easier and cheaper', he suggested opening up NICS to private sellers. Something that's been brought up to them multiple times and it's always avoided. When asked if that was the formal position of the Brady Campaign (since he's their primary spokesperson right now) he has avoided the question w/ red herrings.
@TrailerDays a few options - 1 - make private sellers do what dealers have to - give them 4473's & a phone/computer pretty simple
@TrailerDays why don't you want to run a background check when you sell a gun to a stranger?
When backed into a corner, he backpedaled:
@TrailerDays @SebastianSH @Bradybuzz either through an FFL or law enforcement, yes
Not quite the same, is it? And how exactly would that make the checks 'easier' or 'cheaper'? You'ld still be charged fees. The police checks would depend on availability of personnel and their willingness to do them. More personnel. More laws. More loopholes. etc. etc. His response:
@TrailerDays @Bradybuzz b/c currently either private sellers say they can't access NICS or they say "it's too expensive"
Huh? How is that an answer again? So far no reply on that. Shock.

His other suggestion is the default:
setup a background check only booth at guns shows for all private sellers
Yeah. That's nice. Just like it's done in Illinois. Yet the Brady Campaign STILL isn't happy and keeps pushing for even MORE restrictions. Nevermind the useless waiting periods requiring transfers as well as the fact that they continue to advocate for 3rd party lawsuits designed to shut down said dealers.

But look at this statement:
@ if there are national minimal standards for CCW's including live-fire training/tests, speaking personally, yes i'm in

@ I'd prefer TX + annual testing - either way, this is the middle ground compromise that NRA bosses won't ever engage with
Interesting. He claims the BC is trying 'engage' that idea. With whom is another question. We know MAIG and all the Joyce groups oppose CCW in any fashion. And the Brady Campaign is opposing CCW in Illinois w/ even stricter stricter standards.

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DirtCrashr said...

We do an instant check here in CA over the computer, even private party sales (our tattered AWB law's residual effect). My FFL guy just logs-on, enters my data, and get's it approved - but I still have to wait 10-days...

Chas said...

If all private transfers are required to go through dealers who charge a fee, then almost no private transfers will go through a dealer.
The anti's "solution" to that failure will be mandatory nationwide registration of all guns and gun owners to create a paper trail to close the "loophole" and force people to pay a dealer for a transfer.
Let's allow dealers to do what private sellers do, and that's no NICS check. Criminals on the street buy their guns without the comedy theater performance of the NICS charade, so why shouldn't law-abiding gun owners buy their guns without it either?
Any criminal on the street who wants a gun can get one. NICS is a feel good nonsense, farce that we can't afford to pay for anymore. Let’s stop foolishly appeasing the anti-rights crowd and do the taxpayers a favor by doing away with the expense of NICS completely. We won’t regret it. Nobody misses nonsense that doesn‘t work.

Anonymous said...

But without the nics the batfage would be able to complete their nation registry, Chas.

Anonymous said...

Arrrrgh s/b ...would NOT be able to complete...

Weer'd Beard said...

Its never about keeping guns out of the hands of criminals, its all about stomping out gun culture.

Think about this, all guns must be through FFLs, and then there's a major purge of FFLs for paperwork errors, or because over the last 20+ years some guns sold at your store ended up in criminal hands, and a refusal to issue new FFLs.

Wanna buy a gun? Well you're going to have to drive for 6 hours each way to get to an FFL.

A Relative dies with a well-rounded collection of 20-30 guns, first how do you take possession of those guns if the next FFL is two counties away, or in the next state. Also now picture that the nearest FFL is like the cop-shop in DC that charges $150 to do a transfer...times 20-30 guns?

Its the same idea as the resistance the Antis have to switching the Brady Check to the NICS system. Suddenly a time limit for postal delivery and office paperwork, has become a bogus "Cooling off Period" and even tho the states that switched to various instant checks, the handful of holdouts with "Waiting Periods" are still being supported by the antis.

Its not about Safety, its about stomping out gun culture.

The only litmus they use is "Does this make life harder for law abiding gun owners?"

Anonymous said...

All of their proposed laws are arbitrarily set. I do not understand how they can be legal because of that.