Sunday, May 10, 2009

Patience and Preemption

"Just wait.

Be patient.

Preemption will come.

All you have to do is wait for the Chicago Handgun case to get to the Supreme Court, hope for a win, wait for legislation to pass, then hope that the resulting litigation finishes and goes in your favor.

It shouldn't be long.

Just be patient. "

OK. I'll be patient. I'll wait the additional 10-20 years that this will take beyond the nearly 20 years we've already been bashing our heads against the wall in futility.

As soon as those recommending that while living in "Shall Issue" RTC states disarm in a show of solidarity until Illinois finally passes preemption.

Will you?


jinksto said...

Will I... What? Disarm? Never.

I moved.

I got tired of being a criminal for not registering my guns with Chicago PD.

I got tired of being a criminal for refusing to apply for and carry a communist card.. err Firearm Owners card...

I got tired of risking criminal charges and prosecution for even picking up a gun in a gun shop.

I got tired of not being able to hunt in my state of residence.

I got tired of obscene local excise taxes. Cigarettes were $7/pack in Chicago city limits when I left. I got tired of being a criminal for buying cigarettes across the line in IN.

I've never even been charged with a crime but Illinois considered me a criminal for all of those actions.
I got tired... well... honestly, I got tired of Illinois in general and left.

Those suggesting a show of solidarity need to remember that these rights elsewhere were hard won... just as they are in Illinois. I didn't fight for those rights in the state that I currently live in but I won't give them up without a fight. I certainly won't give them up as a "show of support".

"Zack" said...

I can understand how the political machine in Chicago can muscle voters around, but the balance of Cook County baffles me. There should be plenty of pro-gun voters in Cook County, enough to put fear into politicians. Do they all stay home or are they all voting for machine politicians?

The NRA should wall off Chicago and Cook County from the rest of Illinois until the gun owners are ready to stand up to their elected officials at the polls. The NRA should not be "going for broke" on this one, the "down staters" have earned a win and should not be sacrificed.

gruvinbass said...

I did the same thing as Jinksto did, I moved, first to Michigan, then Mississippi, and now Vermont