Saturday, May 16, 2009

New Unorganized Militia Patches

Debuted at the NRA 2009 Convention. The first is an upgrade from the UM Infantry and UM Marksman patches. Now available is the UM Sniper:

Also new, with thanks to Kent McManigal, is the Time's Up patch based on the flag of his design.

As always, patches are $5 ea for 1 or 2, $4 ea for 3 or more in any combination. Instructions for ordering can be found here.


Anonymous said...

Nice sniper patch. I'll probably get one, but not wear it. Not to ones benefit to advertize that one's a sniper.

Anonymous (this time)

Sgt.Fathead said...

Will stickers be far behind?

Timmeehh said...

I don't know if you are responsible for these UM patches, if not please pass these comments along to the appropriate person.

Unfortunately there are two mistakes that I can see in the Latin motto.

First, you use the archaic "V" to spell Ultima, which is fine, but then you use the modern "U" to spell Populo. You should be consistent in using either archaic or modern alphabets, never mix the two.

Second, I believe Populo should be Populi, as in "VOX POPULI", the voice of the people. Since this is the form that indicates possessiveness.

Caveat, I am not a Latin scholar.