Friday, May 15, 2009

Blogger Bash 2009 Day 2A: Grassroots Workshop

After a restful night's sleep I got up this morning to attend the Grassroots workshop. Dick Heller was introduced by Glen Caroline.

A good speech. His main talking point was that the anti's and their gov't sycophants try to push "Gov't by whim" using examples of the denied handgun permit because it was green, denials for names, etc. I also got to meet NRA President John Sigler:

Exec VP: Wayne LaPierre:

And NRA-ILA Exec. Director Chris Cox:

Seated at my table was ISRA President Richard Pearson:

He pulled me aside to discuss some initiatives that the ISRA is working on and future cooperation w/ Illinois bloggers in order to spread the word. Some interesting factoids he told me about:

Jessie Jackson, when he was arrested at Chuck's Gun Shop, had nearly $26,000 in cash on him. I'm sure it was all obtained legally and being used for moral purposes.

The ISRA spend $309K on legislative activities in 2008.

I also spoke at length w/ Glen Caroline and Andrew Dysart on Blogger relations and coordinating activities in Illinois. Glen stated that he feels that the NRA working w/ bloggers has definitely been advantageous in getting out the message and hopes to continue and expand the relationship.

After I get some food, I'm going to hit the floor assuming I can beat my way through the crowds.

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