Tuesday, May 12, 2009

'High Risk' Sales

At gun shows? Nope.

Private transactions? No, not that either.

What are we talking about then?

Sales to police departments direct from the manufacturer.

No. I'm not kidding. That was the claim made by the now dismissed lawsuit against Glock.

The suit said Glock Inc., maker of the 9mm pistol allegedly used to shoot Ileto, sold many guns to police that were unsafe to civilians and ignored government warnings about high-risk distribution channels - in this case, from a police department in Washington state through several owners to an unlicensed trader, who sold it to Furrow.

Of course there is no surprise that the Brady Campaign and the Joyce Foundation fully endorses this mentality:

However, advocates with the Center to Prevent Handgun Violence in Washington, D.C., say courts are increasingly interested in holding gun sellers accountable.

"Civil suits like this are a very important supplement to our laws because they give gun sellers a very important financial incentive to act responsibly," said Dennis Henigan, who directs the center's legal action project....

Attorney Juliet Leftwich of Legal Community Against Violence, a San Francisco gun-control organization that filed arguments in the case, said it was unfair to dismiss the case based on "blatant special-interest legislation ... protection that no other industry gets."

In this case I fully agree with them. We need to close the 'Police Gun Loophole' and stop selling firearms to police departments.

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Anonymous said...

One really has to wonder if the Brady Bunch ever bothers to actually think about what they are saying before they go and say it.

On the flip side, one has to wonder if they are really aiming for a society where no one has firearms - not the citizens, not the police, not anyone... well, besides the criminals, that is.

Maybe then, their victimhood fantasies will come to a close... just like everyone's lives.