Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Serial Killers on Parole

The SC serial killer that murdered 5 people in cold blood was, surprise surprise, a lifelong criminal who had just been released on parole.

"Look at this," Lloyd said, waiving a stapled copy of Burris' criminal record. "This is like 25 pages. At some point the criminal justice system is going to need to explain why this suspect was out on the street."

But the only thing that made him do it was the gun.

Trust the Gov't. They're here to help.

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Bitter said...

Actually, it is a surprise. Serial killers usually don't have records. Serial killers are typically a very different breed of criminal.

Weer'd Beard said...

Bitter has a point, still if all our murders came from JUST serial killers, we'd have a near statistical zero of murders in this country.

Convicted violent criminals commit the majority of violent crimes. Most places they do it while on parole.

Gun control, it's what you do instead of somthing!

Bob S. said...

I wonder if there isn't a new pattern forming. The typical serial killer versus the spree killer.

I think that there is a difference. This guy sounds like someone who just went on a spree and would keep killing until the inevitable stop. A serial killer seems to try to get away with it as long as possible.

Quick research suggests that I may be onto something.

Either way, had this scum been locked away for a very long time, this wouldn't have happened. His actions show that he was incapable of living in society according to acceptable practices.

I note that it was a person with a firearm that ended the problem....maybe there should be a law letting people protect themselves

Billll said...

Lessee, how did that line go?
"With a record like that I can't believe he had the right to go around with a gun, killing all those people."

Unknown said...

I am of the opinion that the loved ones of the victims have the moral right to enact vengeance against said judges/parolers.

It reaches a point where when nearly every case we see of such incidents is a case of judicial folly driven by liberal social thought.

That the people will cease to recognize the judicial system as the delegated authority of justice that it is [not].

kaveman said...

I think the whole discussion around the distinction between "mass shooters", "spree killers", and "serial killers" is fascinating.

Not sure I can wrap my brain around it enough to make a coherent post, but I might just hafta try.

Good stuff.

kaveman said...


Remember Sugarmann's "template" for mass shootings?


I'd say it'd be downright easy to make a similar template for criminals out on parole committing more crime.