Saturday, July 11, 2009

Brady Campaign looking for new shorts on S845 as well

That bill noone heard of before yesterday? The Brady's are putting out pressers and sending out e-mail alerts w/ some true PSH.

So are they just looking for an easy 'win' on a bill that is destined to die or is there actually some sort of momentum on this thing that's managed to bypass everyone's attention?

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kaveman said...

"This legislation would force states, your state, to allow dangerous individuals to pack heat in public."

This is the golden quote.

Whenever the antis say they just want to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous individuals, they mean us.

Anonymous said...

The idea that it may be added to another bill as an amendment is much more credible than the VPC claim that the bill itself will reach the floor next week.

And that's something that the NRA may not want to publicize too much until after it's a done deal.

Of course all of these astroturf anti-gun clubs work from the same playbook so the Brady's may be just fishing for donations too.

No telling until something concrete happens.

Notice that the Brady release included the same characterization of CHP holders as "dangerous" that the VPC release had.

Anonymous said...
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Thirdpower said...

Sorry Guy, go troll somewhere else.