Thursday, July 9, 2009

Just Another Line on the Mausoleum

In a move showing either that he's not completely without wits and wants to withdraw with a shred of dignity intact or that he wants to add a few more lines to his obituary, Roland Burris is stating that he won't run for a full Senate term in 2010.

One point is that he shouldn't have had the chance to make this choice in the first place as our elected Senators should have had enough courage to maintain their original opposition to him after Rep. Bobby Rush (D, IL-1) played the race card to get him seated.

Another is that the odds are we're going to end up w/ another turd anyway. Rumors are that the Illinois Dems are pushing current AG Lisa Madigan (a NON-signatory to theChicago AG Amicus Brief, and a supporter of the DC Handgun Ban) to run for the seat and I suspect the state Republicans will hold up to their moniker in choosing an opposing candidate.

Ah well, we still have another year and a half of the crap sandwich that are our Illinois Senators before the next election.

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1 comment:

Weer'd Beard said...

I didn't see this outcome when we were talking about this issue a few months ago!

Wow, I just gained SOME (not much) respect for Burris.

Still suprised he did this, I mean do you think the voters would remember that long?