Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Not a 'Gun Ban' Organization?

"Brady does not advocate banning guns."
--Doug Pennington, Brady Campaign Asst. Communications Director

Wouldn't it be more effective to bar dealers from selling assault weapons to prevent the traffickers from getting the guns in the first place?
---Dennis Henigan, Brady Campaign Vice President and Legal Director

Unorganized Militia Gear


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. . .
Let me see if I have this straight. They're not going to ban the manufacture or import of the gun. The gun will be allowed to exist. It can just sit there. But they just want to prevent the sale or possession of the gun.

Amounts to the same thing. But by a different route. Typical shyster weasel words.

My take on most shyster-lawyers? Bear with me here for a minute, please. Anyone (besides myself) read much Robert Heinlein? In one of his last books published while he was alive, "To Sail Beyond the Sunset Sea", one of his female characters (his mother?) goes back in time, and finds out about a part of history that no one wants to talk about, and it's mentioned only briefly in history books, The Night of the Lawyers.

I think we need to have one of those. Hang 90% of the shysters, and keep the remaining 10% scared honest.

B Woodman

kaveman said...

Oh, now I feel the paranoia set in.

I don't advocate collecting firearms, which is why I only have several dozen of them, buy at least 2-3 each year and have wet dreams about a withered old widow selling off her late husband's pride and joy at a garage sale, not knowing what it's truly worth.

OK, that last part wasn't supposed to be out-loud, but damn, I gots to have some goals in my life.