Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'm a Gun Owner but....

In a letter making the internet rounds from one eminently proud of his stance, one 'gun owner' hates the NRA and wants Sotomayer confirmed.

It follows the traditional "I'm a gun owner but.." format w/ the author listing his 'credentials' of firearm ownership, how he's really smart, loves his guns, but....

He hates the NRA.

He doesn't actually present a REASON in his letter of why she should be confirmed or dispute any of the points Chris Cox made other than that he hates the NRA:
NRA characterizes the firearms issue through narrow toilet-paper tubes of fear that 'liberals' with anti-gun agenda will take away our guns. The reality is that illegal and improper use, storage or transfer of guns is a significant problem in America. I strongly support gun ownership but come down on the side of organizational and personal responsibility and competence with respect to guns. Guns are dangerous.
Yep, it's not the 80%+ recidivism, gangs, or violent drug culture that's the problem, it's legal gun owners.

He then goes on a rant about how the NRA does nothing for hunters and sportsmen (now there's a familiar phrase). Here's a telling part:
Here in Idaho where I live there are no NRA basic firearm training programs even though this is a great outdoor sports state.
Hmm. About ten seconds on Google found numerous available instructors, courses and programs including, Idaho Ordnance, etc. Using the 'Find NRA near you' feature, I found even more. Nevermind that our very own Joe Huffman lives in Idaho and could have pointed him to the right people if he didn't do the instruction himself. So our 'strong supporter of gun ownership' is either ignorant or FOS.

Then follows some questions he'ld like to ask Sotomayer:
Do you believe that gun ownership in America carries responsibility by the owner to be competent in the storage, handling, maintenance, and use of the owned firearms?

Do you think that the 'well regulated militia' language in the second amendment implies that private gun owners should be trained and certified perhaps as automobile drivers are tested for knowledge, skill, and abilities?

Should gun ownership carry insurance requirements for liability and health damages caused by the gun owner?
By the phrasing, I'm going to take an educated guess he supports licensing, legislated training, safe storage, and mandatory insurance for all firearm owners because we can trust the Gov't to uphold our rights. That's exactly the view held by the Founding Fathers. Right?

Now, coinciding with the above highlighted phrase, I did a little research on our alleged gun owner. Turns out he is a strong Obama supporter with donations totaling over $2,000 for the last election.

Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

I'm so glad to have such a 'strong supporter of gun ownership' out there defending my rights even though his 'support' makes a 'Prag' look like a 'Threeper' in comparison.

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kaveman said...

This is nothing more than the antis going through the cached comments from the BC's now defunct blog(I assume this is what the assistant communications director of the BC has been tasked with).

They picked up on the powerful tool of assuming a false persona of their adversary to argue their true agenda.

Take ASHA-holes for instance.

TexasFred said...

I'm not totally enthused by the NRA but Sotomayor is a disaster waiting to happen...

Like the NRA or not, we ALL fight Sotomayor or we suffer the consequences shortly...

Thirdpower said...

Exactly. I know people who have valid reasons why they don't like it. I've had issues w/ them from time to time myself. This putz whines that the NRA didn't provide instructors by the handful where and when he wanted them.

Weer'd Beard said...

Kinda like MikeB's (tho now he's gone on to deny it) qualification as being an illegal gun owner.

But of course MikeB doesn't want to talk about how, where, and why he aquired crime guns, because he knows his relevant information (if it's true at all...I mean the boy's entire persona may in fact be a lie) would be consistant with our legal objectives and factual data.

Barbarian said...

I am not so wild about the NRA myself, not for any of the reasons this poser put forward, but more because they seem to be prone to making shady backroom political deals that undermine their own members 2nd rights, and they end up giving good "grades" to politicians who have horrible gun rights records but who are the lesser of available evils. (do you want to vote for the politico forcing you to eat s__t, or the one that wants you to just smear it all over your face?)I still send the NRA $ (they are the biggest kid on the block) but I also support every other pro 2nd organization I can that does not sell us out in political deal making. We can only pity the ignorant AHSA members foolish enough to be sucked in, but if they are that stupid, do we really want them voting or packing heat?

NotClauswitz said...

I like the NRA. They support my little club in California with funds - and we teach and train new shooters: juniors shooters, moms and ROTC kids, and new guys who never shot before but want to shoot an M1 Garand and buy one from the CMP because their dad or grandpa fought with one.
And that's in CALIFORNIA, a bankrupt state taken over by Leftists since the Gerrymander of 1991 that gave them a PERMANENT majority. It's like Hugo Chavez's Venezuela only with more idiot Leftists working very hard to marginalize gun owners and ownership, ban lead ammo, create a licensing board for ammo sales, microstamp their own asses, and just crap on everything in general because that's what the Left does. It shits in its own bed.
I got no problem with the NRA by any measure of comparison.

greenmeanie said...

Yeah, yeah, I know it's 2+ years after this post was put up BUT I found this regarding the "pro-gun" writer of the letter to congress Mr. Laurence P. Gebhardt. It's just too good!