Thursday, July 9, 2009

California IOU's

As the state is billions of dollars in debt and is talking about issuing out IOU's instead of actual money, they decide to spend over a million dollars providing services for the Jacko Memorial.

They're not really upset though because they originally thought it would cost about $4 million.

Bread and Circuses.


Anonymous said...

17,000/4,173 = 4.07
Wow that 1 Cop for every 4.07 fans.

This reminds me of CalTrans, 1 guy digging, 5 supervizer watching.


urbanadder22 said...

. . . and the Jacko inanity* in the media dribbles on ad nauseam.

*I meant "inanity" not insanity:

inane - asinine: devoid of intelligence

An inane, useless thing or pursuit

Anonymous said...

And as of tomorrow, (Friday), the local banks will not take the Cal IOUs.
But there are people on line (eBay? Craig's List?) offering to buy the Cal IOUs for 85% of face value. And with the state offering a 3+% APR at the end of the year, sounds like a good business investment to me.

Damn! I wish I had some available money.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

A good business investment assuming the state of Kalifornistan is ever solvent ever again...

It is stupid-assed gos-se like this that is keeping them from getting to that point.