Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Were you called? Redux

Anti gun groups claim that polls show 70% of NRA members wanting legislation closing the mythical 'gun show loophole' and 90% of the populace in general.

However a poll conducted of 150 actual NRA members and 75 non-NRA member firearm owners show opposition to these measures at 100%.

Individuals like Jenny Bishop of the Illinois (nowhere near) Million Mom March likes to use the numbers showing support for gun bans. Actual support for gun control doesn't fit the reality. Just a few weeks ago, 5,000 plus firearm owners showed up at the state capitol. Anti-gun groups can't even get numbers like that at the nations capitol, or nationwide for that matter. Of course the media will always tout their numbers over the reality.

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Anonymous said...

Ya know, I'd like to know who they contacted, National Rifle Assc., National Restaurant Assc, or National Rehabilitation Assc. folks, cause I never hear boo from any anti gun group