Thursday, April 2, 2009

Oh Please Oh Please Oh Please....

Indictment in Blagojevich case coming later today

Please let me come back from class tonight and see this headline:

I came back from class and saw this headline:

Blago Indicted

There IS a higher power.
CHICAGO – Ousted Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich and five others were indicted Thursday on charges of scheming to auction off President Barack Obama's vacant U.S. Senate seat, pressuring a congressman for campaign money and lying to FBI agents. The 19-count indictment alleges Blagojevich and his aides discussed the possibility he could get a Cabinet post in the new president's administration, substantial fundraising assistance or a high-paying job in exchange for the Senate seat.

And remember. Blago was endorsed by the Brady Campaign in 2006. While he was under investigation.


TexasFred said...

FOX breaks the gun story and the facts from ATF as fake, if Blago gets indicted, hell, you'll make a mess on yourself.. LMAO...

kaveman said...

Only Blago and Harris were identified by name on NPR when I was driving home. There's 3 other people about to have a flash light up their skirts.