Monday, March 30, 2009

Paul Helmke needs a lesson in Basic Math

Gun control activists say they are baffled by the sway the gun lobby has over Congress. They argue the NRA no longer dictates election outcomes and that the group inflates its own importance.
Here Paul. Let me help you:

4,000,000 > 50,000

Do you understand now?

Probably not.

More at SIH.

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Anonymous said...

So said the pot calling the kettle "black!". The anti-gun lobbies (emphasis the plural) complain about the NRA influence in Congress, as they attempt to do the same.
What a bunch of hypocrits! Of course, this goes along the liberal / elite / socialist attitudes. Because they think that they're "something special" (think, isn't that special, or, special education), they think that they're the only ones allowed to speak.
Which would naturally lead into a discussion of the Bill of Rights (not Suggestions or Maybe Guidelines), and the First Amendment, and next to the Second Amendment, but all that's for another day.

B Woodman
SSG (Ret), U S Army