Monday, March 30, 2009

Chicago Gun Ban in Action

Convicted felon brings loaded gun into bond court

In an embarrassing security breach, a convicted felon arrested on a drug charge was able to bring a hidden loaded gun into the Cook County Jail complex -- and into his bond hearing -- before later dumping it at a jail laundry room, prosecutors said today.

Ellison has told investigators that the gun, a .380 semi-automatic with one bullet in the chamber, was tied to a string and "dangling'' inside his shorts near his groin, a source said. The Cook County sheriff's office apparently missed finding the gun in a pat down and when he sneaked away from the metal detector and body scanning machine at the jail, a source said.

I'm sorry but this is so amazingly stupid it's funny.

Convicted felon.
Armed Security.
Metal Detectors.
Multiple Pat Downs.

Yep. "Tough Gun Laws" are really effective


TexasFred said...

Only the HONEST suffer at the hands of gun grabbers...

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straightarrow said...

Barney Frank would have found it.