Friday, April 3, 2009

Personalized Firearms?

Sure. I'll trust them.

Digital fingerprint door lock defeated by photocopied 'print

And one wonders why the police are exempt from such requirements.


Hecate said...

A lot of the biometric scanners on computers can be foiled with a fingerprint impression picked up on a Gummy Bear.

Anonymous said...

Aren't biometric locks Powered? On Computers and building door locks....

So if a homeowner gets killed after his or herself killed due to the fact the "Battery went dead" does the family get to sue Duracell?

I've got a Lasermax in a Sig 229 and a Surefire flash light. If the batteries die on ether of them the pistol will still fire a bullet when the trigger is pulled.

Mikee said...

So if I am forced to use a fingerprint-identifying personalized weapon I can superglue my fingerprint on the sensor to provide for "always-on" capability!

There is no plan so foolproof that fools cannot find a way around it.