Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Selling out for $3000?

The Brady Campaign/MMM thinks so. They believe Il State Rep. Washington voted 'present' on HB 48, the bill banning private firearm sales, because he was given $3k by a pro-gun union.

If only politicians came so came so cheap.

Of course they're also naive enough to think:
When an elected official gives his word, it should mean something.
Proof positive these people aren't living in the real world.

SIH is glad that they can also exhibit signs of cannibalism. What's even funnier is that they're focusing on attacking him when, even had he voted in favor of the bill, it still wouldn't have passed.

Update: Ms. Bishop, head of the Il Mommies is getting her @ss beat in comments. Farcical hypotheticals, debunked Brady talking points, distortion of facts, emotional arguments, the works.


Bitter said...

Actually, there's nothing in there that indicates the union is actually pro-gun. All they say is that some members happen to be pro-gun. There's no indication that the labor union's donation to a Labor Committee member had anything to do with this vote or positions on guns from this article.

But, the point does stand that they are rarely so cheaply bought. :)

Thirdpower said...


Not in the article specific but Bishop claims in a comment:

"the 150 money goes to primarily support gun lobby interests. And everyone in Springfield knows it."

I have no idea whether they're 'pro-gun' or neutral but the Mommies sure think so.

I'm betting these cheaply bought politicians are in the same districts that have gun shops that sell RPG's and grenades.