Friday, February 6, 2009

Delusional Lawyers

Rusty and Joe take on a truly clueless lawyer who shows she has obviously not paid any attention to court cases over the last decade or so, instead relying on cutnpaste Brady Campaign resources.

"No wonder the NRA is getting its butt kicked in court and in the court of public opinion."

Which is why they just got a nice little sum from San Fran and most IL cities have dropped their handgun bans.

I find it funny that she denigrates the UMPC symbol and then goes on to quote verbatim one of the biggest advocates of false information about firearms available.

Her defense for her reasoned discourse is that it's her opinion but also claims that we're not dealing in facts even though we have linked evidence to support our case from numerous sources not involving the NRA.

But we're the shills.


Anonymous said...


I'm still trying to find the NRA Propagandist" banner.

the way she stuck her fingers in in her ears and "la-la-la'd" was so Kelliesque.

BobG said...

Never met a gun-banner yet that knew what they were talking about; if the Brady Bunch told them the sun came up in the west they would believe it.

Anonymous said...

She is a lawyer? I'd retain Lenin's dried scat before I would go into court with her as my lawyer.

Thirdpower said...

You'ld probably get a higher quality argument.

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that she trumpets her qualifications of over 25 years of education in finest schools, but when she quotes court cases she just ignored Heller.

Maybe she knows more about the law than the SCOTUS... and has been hiding her light under a bushel basket waiting for Ginsberg to retire.

By the way, I'll be dropping you a line to get some of those "official NRA Propaganda Marksman patches" heh
Do you want the new handshake for ID or will the old door knock suffice?

Thirdpower said...

The door knock will do fine.