Monday, August 18, 2008

30 more days of summer..

as the mole rat Robyn Ringler pokes her head up at CSGV and calls us a bunch of meanies for not letting her have an echo chamber. So what does she do? Posts an interview on a blog that also "moderates" comments , makes unsubstantiated claims of racism, and neglects to mention that one of her only supporters was the equally bigoted Alex T. Riley.

I mean really. She used the Gun Guys as her primary information source, played the usual "I don't want to ban guns except" game (and still does), and banned the phrase "gangbangers" to describe, well, gangbangers because she decided that was a codeword for racism.

I take a measure of pride in the fact that she used my post calling her and her supporters on their BS as the 'final straw' as her excuse to close up shop and go home.

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Anonymous said...

I honestly have no idea how you can contribute to so many different blogs. I have a hard time keeping up with the half dozen I visit each day.

Keep it up.