Monday, August 18, 2008

'Children' who commit crimes..

They're usually 'good kids', 'honor students', 'trying to turn their lives around', etc. right? Sorry. Don't buy it.

Picking a woman at random to rob in the early-morning hours of July 28, a 16-year-old girl walked up to a woman in Logan Square, threw sulfuric acid in her face and stole her purse, Chicago police said Sunday.

This is the kind of mentality of these 'children'. They've been raised to have no regard for anyone or anything beyond their own immediate desires, to glorify violence within their own community, and to blame all the associated problems on other people. Then, assuming they breed before they get killed in a turf war, they will pass that attitude on to the next generation.

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red said...

Another reason why the Mrs and I want to get some land and just keep to ourselves.