Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What IANSA wants..

From a commenter over at the "smirking chumps":

The police are also generally pro-active in inspecting the houses of gun owners to ensure that the rules are being followed - which include the weapons and ammunition being stored in separate locked containers.

"Pro-active". Translation: They can come into your house whenever they feel like and arbitrarily search what they want.

IANSA has no problems w/ that. Warrantless searches of homes? Fine. George Soros loves it. It keeps those peasants in their place.

Because that "more socialist influenced UK/European model" he's all stiff over provides little in the way of protection of property rights. You know, one of those that the other "lefties" say that we, as "righties", never talk about in all their stereotypical goodness.

One would note that the commenter also has no clue about actual laws as he fell for the usual "AK-47/M-16 = assault weapons" scam. They allow "hunting guns". Really they do. Dumbass.

And not a single one was willing to come over and play outside of their own sandbox. The outside world is to scary for self-proclaimed "lefties" where people might actually question their "true beliefs" and respond w/ evidence and facts.

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