Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why does Rosenthal even bother..

trying to pretend to be a "middle ground alternative to the NRA" with his puppet group AHSA? Especially since he still runs the group "Stop Handgun Ownership" and puts up anti-gun billboards?

He continues his diatribe on Huffpo w/ the oft repeated (and debunked) "gun show loophole" stories. One would think that if this happened as often as they say, they wouldn't have to repeat these same ones over an over. That they would get some new material. He even uses the old "al queada terrorist manual" bit that turned out to be a photocopy from a crappy little UK publishing house. The REAL training manual doesn't bother with telling people to go to the US to buy semi-auto's or to follow the law. Why would they bother when they can just go to neighboring crapblagistan and buy ACTUAL assault rifles, RPG's, and machineguns? But of course what do you expect from wanna-be terrorists from a country that banned their own olympic shooters and anti-gunners that have nothing left but myths.

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Anonymous said...

Two thoughts.

1. With the billboards running parallel with the road rather than angled towards it, this will cause traffic accidents as people try to read them.

2. The billboards would make fine targets.