Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Just "Good Kids"

Cops: 11-year-old among 5 arrested in theft fromDelco gun shop

WHEN POLICE phoned early yesterday, the mother of an 11-year-old boy assured them that her son was at home in bed...

The two adults, Leroy Taylor, 19, of Philadelphia, and Khalik Keyser, 18, of Chester, were arraigned yesterday on charges of burglary, theft, criminal trespassing and related offenses. In 2005, Keyser pleaded guilty to attempted murder and weapons charges in Philadelphia and is on probation, according to court records.

Neither commented as they were led from the police station.

Besides the 11-year-old, police arrested Keyser's 16-year-old brother and a 15-year-old Collingdale boy. The Daily News is withholding their names because they are minors. They were awaiting a hearing yesterday in juvenile court.

And I'm sure they were all honor students trying to turn their lives around. Obviously the combined pull of all those mind control chips in one spot led to their delinquency.


Turk Turon said...

Yeah, and in addition to being honor students they were "promising young athletes" and "planned to attend college", etc., etc.

Did you read the new FBI study on cop shooters? According to interviews, most of them start carrying weapons around age 9-12, and start carrying a weapon "most of the time" by age 17.

Children indeed!

Anonymous said...

.. the best is when the oldest one when before Judge McKeon to request a reduction in bail. According to his attorny, he did have a prior for aggrevated assault :: go figure! :: but nothing currently pending and even though he was an 11th grade drop out he wants to get his GED :: alot of nothing to do in prison but study, huh? :: they were also requesting that he be sent to live with his grandmother.

Judge McKeon asked if any family members were in the court room. None were. What a wonder.

BTW: The bail wasn't reduced