Thursday, August 21, 2008


A shooting w/ a stolen gun in Newark NJ that 'accidentally' went off:

According to McCarthy, the increasing use of semiautomatic weapons has changed the playing field in Newark.

"It used to be, you'd arrive at a crime scene and you'd find five or six shell casings," he said. "Now, you find 25 or 30."

The average number of shots fired by a criminal is less than four. Revolvers don't eject their spent casings where semi-autos do. So the only thing different about the "playing field" if semi-autos are being used more often is that there's more casings on the ground instead of dumped later. If they're finding "25 or 30" casings on the ground, then they're having shootouts by multiple gang bangers during a single incident.

That is of course, unless they're trying to revive the old myth that rifles have become the "weapon of choice" for criminals again.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I get it.

"Fiddling with a rifle" means loading it, pointing it in a direction where other people are likely to be, sticking your finger inside the trigger guard and then pulling the trigger, therefore making it an "accidental shooting."

It reminds me of a famous general during the Battle of the Bulge who belted out a memorable order to his troops.

"The enemy is upon us, start fiddling with your rifles!"

History is cool.

Anonymous said...

NJ is fucked up. I swear, they're using this unfortunate accident to promote the anti gun agenda. It totally makes me sick to see an event like this hijacked for a scummy ulterior motive.