Saturday, April 12, 2008

Nope, not suspicious at all..

CHICAGO (STNG) ― An 18-year-old man taken to the hospital for a gunshot wound early Saturday left the hospital in bandages before his treatment was complete, police said.

At the hospital the man was uncooperative with police, declined police services and refused to tell police any details of the shooting, Greer said.

I'm sure he had no connection to gangs and/or drugs in any way. Just like this is most likely due to "rural while males" out hunting:

A 15-year-old Chicago Public Schools student was shot Friday afternoon in the Ida B. Wells public housing development on the city's South Side, officials said.

Violence in the area is not uncommon and much of it stems from gang and drug activity, Jamison said, but he could not say whether the shooting was gang- or drug-related.

Residents in the neighborhood said there is a turf war going on over two buildings in the housing development, including the building where the teenager was shot.

Notice how the media threw in the part about him being in the CPS even though he wasn't in school at the time (teachers day)? That's the meme of the month. Notice how this occurred in the projects where residents are forbidden from owning any firearms whatsoever?

Would anyone at all care to wager who Daley et al will try to blame?


Unknown said...

Come on, you know damn well that the shooter was a card carrying NRA member who hunts everyday and has a CHP! Must have been one of those bitter types who cling to guns.

Seriously though, I've seen a noticable uptick in shootings reported by the media, especially in my neck of the woods just outside of DC, that leads me to believe that the news is going for the attrition route to bastardise gun ownership in light of Heller.

Anonymous said...

"Seriously though, I've seen a noticable uptick in shootings reported by the media, especially in my neck of the woods"

It's not just your neck of the woods. It's happening everywhere and your take as to the reason why is spot on.

The antis know that SCOTUS will rule in our favor so why not try to scare the public into demanding more crap that won't work.