Thursday, April 10, 2008

Let them protest..

Numerous blogs have commented on the Brady Bunch and PEG heads stating that they'll ignore the law and have their demonstration on 4/16 at VT anyway. While there are some reports that the University has decided to allow it in some capacity.

I encourage them to continue w/ their plans. The statements by Peter Hamm and in this editorial by PEG head Elilita Habtu show how disingenuous and hypocritical these organizations are:

There seems to be a great misunderstanding on the part of the author of the article, "Protest Easy Guns Not Welcomed On Our Campus." The author seems to think that simply wish to push an agenda and use the tragedy at Tech to further its cause. This is absolutely false.

Let me explain to you who stands behind They are concerned Americans who are tired of gun violence in America, who want a change in current U.S. gun laws that make it far too easy for dangerous individuals to purchase guns.

So they aren't pushing an agenda but are pushing an agenda. Gotcha.

Let them protest. Let them show not only the students at VT what they're all about but all the people watching the coverage. Show them that the PuSH'ers will do anything and dance on anybody's grave to get what they want.

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Anonymous said...

The opening phrase of the article:

"Our own personal inclinations will lead us to spend this day of remembrance in the manner we find best"

clearly shows that they have entirely missed the point. We absolutely should not let our personal inclinations guide us; rather we should think about who the remembrance is for and spend it in the manner that they would find best. Perhaps if we consider that, we will remember in a dignified, worthy manner, and our personal inclinations might even become elevated as a result.