Saturday, April 12, 2008

Joyce Foundation making their puppets march..

The Joyce Funded "Legal Community against Gun Ownership" have been instructed by their masters to rally at NIU on Monday, April 14. With several anti-gun bills coming up for votes and the anniversaries of the shootings at Brady/Joyce inspired Criminal Empowerment Zones, the PuSH'ers are, well, making their big push in Illinois and elsewhere.

They recognize that Heller is most likely going to go against them so they need to get these laws passed now in order to retain any possible foothold and they have already shown they will go to any lengths to do it including legal tricks, violating regulations, threatening legislators, dishonesty, and misusing public funds.

They seem to be keeping it lower key press wise in calling for these this time. Mostly due to the fact that when they do publicize it heavily, more of us turn out than they do. Let's keep it that way. Sebastian thinks this is their last hurrah but to even come close to that we need to push back twice as hard as we've been doing. Show up to counter the PuSH'ers, write your legislators, send donations to local and national organizations, buy supplies from your local FFL's.


Anonymous said...

Too bad they don't even have the balls to do it at the NIU campus proper, I would have figured they would demonstrate in King Commons. I would be more than glad to skip lunch to make fun of them for an hour.

Sebastian said...

So Joyce issued marching orders on this one?

Thirdpower said...

It would be safe to say yes as they are the ones calling the shots for all the other groups they fund. (IACP, Gun Guys, VPC, etc.)

Anonymous said...

"buy supplies from your local FFL's."

I did my part. Bought the Galil on 4/12/08.

It's extra EBR-ish. Hi-cap mags, pistol grip, folding stock, flash suppressor, AND bayonet lug, complete with the bayonet.