Monday, February 11, 2008

The Modern Militia: Equipment II, Basic Field Gear

As I stated previously, the primary purpose of the Modern Militia is as a complement to the Army. With that in mind, we should try and keep as close to US Army standards as possible to maintain uniformity and for ease of logistics.

This installment will cover basic field gear. A good list of equipment can be had from a WLC (Warrior Leadership Course) Packing guide available here which is what I'm using as my close to standard. The equipment you purchase should match the uniform that you use (ie ACU, BDU etc.) . Mixing and matching is always a possibility depending on finances though. I am a victim of this. I haven't been issued the new ACU Field Jacket and don't want to spend the money on a new one when I have a BDU Gortex that is just a few years old. The contrast between the two kind of defeats the purpose of the camouflage. Obviously I wouldn't use them together in a SHTF situation.

Rucksack $ 39.95
Helmet (IIIA) $349.95
Helmet Cover $ 11.99
2 1 qt. Canteens $ 1.99 ea
2 Covers $ 9.95 ea
Pistol Belt (LC2) $ 17.95
Suspenders $ 16.99
Sleeping Mat $ 14.95
Sleeping Bag $ 64.95
Glove Shells $ 16.95
Glove Liners $ 7.49
Shelter-half $20.00
E-tool $15.00
E-tool Case $20.00
Field Dressing w/ pouch $10.00

This covers the basic equipment for operations in the field. Once again prices based off of brand new Mil-Spec issue ACU. Surplus is available everywhere. There are also, of course, uncountable modifications to this: Different gloves, backpacks, load bearing, etc. ad infinum. If I tried to list them all, Google would cancel my account. What you choose will depend not only on your personal preferences (I use all standard issue except the rucksack) and finances but also your specialty and purpose. An individual w/ medical training would most likely add materials adding up to a CLS (Combat Life-Savers) bag and/or other trauma supplies. A scout would add more field comfort items depending on their local environment, compass, binoculars, etc. The list goes on.

This also doesn't cover personal items and/or items that are handy in the field such as matches, foot powder, etc. I'll cover that more in a later post dedicated to training.

Next up: What I'm sure everyone's been waiting for....Firearms

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget the beef jerky and trail mix.

Chris said...

You are forgetting the fun stuff that they issue, and bill us, for the "privilege" of playing in the sandbox:

(Note: I will repeat a few items in order to provide the current "price" and for completeness.)

Bag Duffel 2 $18.05
Case First Aid 1 $2.75
Inserts, Enhanced 2 $955.60 (i.e. Class 4 ceramic plates)
Body Armor, OTV 1 $451.85
Cover Helmet Kevlar 1 $5.30
Helmet Kevlar Grnd 1 $150.30
Mask Chem Land Warri 1 $202.00
Canister C2A1 2 $24.70
Helmet Band 1 $0.85
Chin Strap 1 $4.20
Sweatband, Leather 1 $6.30

These are a few of my favorite things...

Thirdpower said...

True, I didn't include the duffel. I shall have myself beaten immediately. The helmet I used was the new style w/ the flat front and better chin/head support.
I'm planning on adding the Chem mask and body armor under the category "Advanced Field Equipment" along w/ some other goodies.

NotClauswitz said...

All's I've got for a helmet is a WWII M1 helmet - boy is it heavy and I look silly wearing it. ;-)

wyomingCowboy said...

Actually, mixing camo patterns is an effective way of breaking up your outline. ACU pattern pants and a BDU top or DCU pants and an ACU top, etc helps keep you from looking like a human shaped "blob" from a distance. (Lighter pants, darker top creates "counter shading" similar to how most animals have a lighter underline in their fur) The more different patterns you wear (limitation being they all somewhat match local terrain) the more your outline is broken up and the better camo you have.

Unknown said...

The WLC packing list was designed by POAGs and is silly. I'll square ya up with a packing list shortly...