Thursday, February 14, 2008

Another "Gun Free Zone"

So a shooter off his meds and who purchased firearms using a Brady Endorsed IL FOID card and waiting periods w/ Brady Endorsed Background checks shoots up a Brady Endorsed "Gun Free" zone.

Gunman opens fire at N. Illinois U.

DEKALB, Ill. - Northern Illinois University says there has been a shooting on campus and several people have been taken away by ambulance. University officials warned students on the school Web site to get to a safe area and "take precautions until given the all clear."

The messages says everyone should avoid the King Commons and all buildings in that area.

Messages were left for university police and police in DeKalb, located about 65 miles west of Chicago.

Obviously we need to make them MORE illegal on campus. That'll teach 'em.

3-1.5 Dangerous Weapons:
1.5a Possession, use, sale, or distribution in any residence hall, building,
or grounds under university control of: fireworks, firearms, shotguns, rifles,
hand guns, switchblade knives, any type of ammunition, explosives, and
all other serious weapons.
1.5b Misuse of martial arts weaponry, BB guns, pellet guns, clubs, knives,
and all other serious weapons.
Students who wish to bring firearms to the campus must obtain written
permission from the chief security officer of the university. Firearms must
be stored at the University Security Office except with written permission
of the chief security officer of the university. At no time will any of the
above dangerous weapons be allowed in the university residence halls.

In contrast to the whiners on HuffPo decrying the NRA for not immediately having something up on their website about the tragedy, the Brady Campaign has taken a different tact:
Asking for money to fight "weak gun laws" in the name of NIU.
On their site before any facts have been released. Just like when they sent out e-mails asking for $32 just hours after VT.
Who's walking in the blood of the victims again?


Anonymous said...

How wierd.

It's almost like a pattern is starting to emerge.

Let's see. Someone who wants to die, be "famous" but wants to take out a bunch of innocents first. Where to go oh where to go?

You know Helmke is sporting some major wood right now. It's almost as sick as this tragic event itself.

Dustin said...

I agree 100%! It is long past time we end this FAILED experiment called the "gun free zone" that uses our children as the mice. It has been now well proven that criminals & crazies ignore such rules. Also remember that we NEVER had a single mass shooting until the experiment began.