Thursday, February 14, 2008

An eye opening experience and a greater understanding.

I mentioned in a comment that I've enjoyed researching the "Modern Militia" series that I've been working on lately. That is until today. I made the unfortunate decision of following some Google searches that had led to my site. In it, I found several other websites that offered lists of equipment for militiamen (lowercase used on purpose). "Huh", I thought" This is interesting. Maybe I can get some ideas."

Then I clicked on the "About Us" button.

Phrases like : Mudpeople, Mongrels, and the 'enemy' will use M-16's flew off the screen and hit me in the face. ACU's were referred to as "Neo-Confederate Grey" while the "New Union Army" had no right to wear them. Bibles were considered not only "Standard Issue" but also being used as justification for the above.

So I kept searching, hoping to find some sanity. I wish I hadn't.

Even one of the so called "Moderate" groups out there that attacked the above groups couldn't understand why they were being lumped into the same category by the ADL and ACLU while in the next breath explaining why they didn't allow gays or "humanists"etc. into their self-proclaimed "non-discriminating" organization. Their defense? "Well the Boy Scouts are allowed to". At least the racists are honest about themselves.

I posted earlier about how individuals such as Kelli, Alex Riley, and even Paul Helmke do more harm to their cause than good w/ their nonsense posts. Well, these are ours. These are the groups (if a few people in a garage and a computer can be called such) that foment the images of guys in white sheets and Timothy McVeigh when the word "militia" is even mentioned. Thanks a bunch. Really.

I knew there were groups like this out there but reading their "Manifesto's" really shows that they have their heads so far up their rears that they look like eternity symbols. So for members and advocates of the above types of groups, go clean your guns. Make sure to visually check the front of the barrel while repeatedly pulling the trigger. Do us all a favor.

When the SHTF, I don't care if I have Rue Paul on one side of me and Fred Phelps on the other. In a crisis, we're all the same. We're Americans. And we are ALL part of the Militia.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't get to worked up over it. Considering that there are 6 bilion people on this blue and green marble, a certain percentage will be idiots/racists/hoplophobes, feel free to insert any subset and it reads just the same.

Anonymous said...

I googled something like that using the camp description... The boy is a prolific writer - which means that he never leaves his mom's basement to learn to shoot or how to interact with other humans that are not blood relatives.

He is going to soil his ACUs if Obama makes it to the general election.. I wonder what those types would do if McCain picked Condi, Leiberman, or Alan Keyes for VP?

These fools are our version of the KOS kids or the DU bunch and we just have to remember who they are and if it ever comes to it, squash them like a bug and take their gear.