Thursday, February 14, 2008

Laura's back..

With the same meme's and ad hominems.

"The gun control issue is on the move, and the politicians want in."

Ms. Washington,

If you "can't vote against gun control" would you please tell me why 2/3rds of the House and Senate along w/ 31 state AG's have sided against Washington DC's gun ban along w/ numerous police organizations? Can you tell me why both Clinton and OBama have weakened their previous stances on gun control nor fought over a Brady Campaign endorsement? Why every mass shooting over the last few years has been in a Brady Endorsed "Gun Free Zone" w/ the only one stopped being by a private citizen w/ a firearm?

Who are doing the shootings that you decry in Chicago? It isn't the "National Rifle Association, fat-cat gun lobbyists and gun lovers" who you have categorized as "rural white guys". It's by disenfranchised youth, both black and white, who are being raised by televisions and career criminals repeatedly let out onto the streets by an incompetent judiciary.

Thank you.


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