Monday, February 11, 2008

Law Enforcement for Heller

Lots of names. Including the FOP.

The conclusion says it all:

The Second Amendment forbids banning the tools of
survival. Petitioners’ dangerous laws deprive the
public and law enforcement of the life-saving, crime reducing
effects of gun ownership which are apparent in the 50 states.

And they understand the real reasoning behind "Gun Control" laws:

The District has a legitimate interest in a screening
system, such as the National Instant Check System,
for purchasers of firearms. However, banning handguns
and home defense because of invidious prejudice
amounts to unconstitutionally piling “inference upon
inference”48 and “prophylaxis upon prophylaxis.”

As an aside, look who filed a brief in support of the District:

Janet Reno served as Attorney General of the United States from 1993 to 2001.

Along w/ numerous other Clinton era and '68 GCA lawyers.

Ah yes, Janet. The same AG who authorized the killings at Waco and the abduction of the Gonzales boy. Exactly the type of authoritarian that would support citizen disarmament.


Anonymous said...

Same FOP who supported the AWB?


Thirdpower said...

And Tiahrt. Never said they were consistent. :)

Rob K said...

Were there leadership changes in the FOP between those two?

Anonymous said...

Actually, read it again. It is not the national FOP. It is the Maryland State lodge of the FOP. So only one state lodge signed on....huge differnce from the entire group! Compare that to the 9 national groups who signed on to the Brady Center brief, and you know what law enforcement really supports!

Anonymous said...


Ruby Ridge was under Bush I. Pre-Reno.

(August, '92, Clinton didn't take office until the next January)