Friday, February 15, 2008

Anti-gunner hypocrisy and nonsense.

Shown clearly on the HuffPo article on NIU. Ad hominems, Strawmen, Emotional Rhetoric, and the usual lies abound. My favorite though, I called out one idiot calling for a national gun ban and confiscation if he had a "Gun Free Zone" sign in front of his house. His reply:

"I don't like signs".

So obviously his dislike of signs is greater than his dislike of firearms.

Idiots. It makes it clear why we have had so much success legislatively and PR-wise even w/ events like VT and NIU.

Another retard stated they'ld rather be shot w/ a shotgun than a handgun. I posted the pictures of shotgun victims in reply. Let's see what they say. Part of me hopes that they'll start trying to ban shotguns.


Texas gun nut said...

I read through most of it, and I honestly have to say you are a much more patient man than I.

I can understand how such a tragic event can make them emotional and perhaps irrational, but can it really make those antis that stupid and blind?

Thirdpower said...

I've been doing this for several years and it is typical of most anti-gun threads. They post lots of insults and talking point and when pressed throw out some "proof" like one chart of international comparisons. When called on it, they resort to more insults and penis jokes.

I've gotten into some non-rhetoric debates (see "better debating") but they're rare.

Texas gun nut said...

I did notice all the penis jokes and references. You are correct, as that seems to be a regular "point" to them. Complete and totally unarguable logic, even.

"Hmmm. I can't really argue with this guys' logic, because I didn't do any research on the topic myself, I just quoted something Google handed me and I subsequently modified to suit my opinion. What shall I do?"
*lightbulb comes on*
"I know! A penis joke will distract him from the truth!"

the pistolero said...

"What am I compensating for? My inability to throw a rock at 1400 feet per second."

Anonymous said...

This morning's news full of: "Shooter was in mental health facility for a year..etc. etc." and "gun purchases were legal...etc." Something doesn't wash. Isn't ISP regularly comparing the FOI database to lists of such mental health hospitalizations, for the purpose of revoking FOIDs of such confinees? True/Not true? Another example of govt. agency asleep at switch, or no such comparison is legally permitted?

BobG said...

You really have to wonder about a group of people who seem to fantasize a lot about the genitalia of gun owners...