Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Baghdad Chicago

War on Guns points to a Sun-Times article by 'journalist' Mary Mitchell where she calls for a Constitution Free Chicago. Barricades, road blocks, warrantless searches of homes and people, you know, your standard police state policies.

Sure Ms. Mitchell. Let's do that in Chicago and, like several commentors noted, the majority of those searched and arrested will be African American males between the ages of 18 and 32.

Guess what will happen then?

The Reverends Jackson and Sharpton will crawl out of their holes screaming 'RACISM' while marching through the streets with their bused in supporters. The families of those "honor students" and "good kids" will follow behind them telling every news reporter in sight how their baby would never do anything wrong. They were only going to the store for a gallon of milk when they were arrested w/ drugs and a gun at 2am will be the refrain.

So go ahead. Convince Daley that your plan will work and get it implemented. Then watch it collapse due to the actions of the very people that are being victimized by crime.


The Armed Canadian said...

Isn't this type of thing liberals scream that George Bush and the Republicans do everyday? Yet when they suggest it, it is for the "safety" of everyone.

My God, tearing up the Constitution and gambling on the benevolence of those you have just given absolute power over your life and movements to. She would have been right at home in Soviet Russia.

Anonymous said...

Let's surround Chicago with razor wire fences, and Checkpoints. Have the guards outside facing the city. This will keep the rest of the state safe from 90% of the states murders and criminals.

Reminds me of Warsaw 1943. But relax the Gangs and the ACLU won't stand for the idea.

Thirdpower said...

Technically it's 60%. :)

John Hardin said...

Anon: I'm with you. Add to the list Detroit, NYC, LA, Boston, Philly...