Friday, October 17, 2008

Pot, Kettle, Hypocrisy, Lying

Brady SOP in its latest BS release.

"The NRA uses its questionnaire to rate and endorse candidates. But the guide reveals that the NRA"s questions are often based on incomplete or misleading assumptions, and candidates" answers therefore may reveal little about their actual views. "
-Another Brady Presser

As if they have any room to talk about 'misleading assumptions'.

What really stands out is they blatantly lie just a few sentences down:

The NRA opposed the Federal assault weapons ban, which limited ammunition magazines to 10 rounds. Now that the ban has expired, the sale of 30, 50, even more than 100 round magazines is legal again.

They were legal during the ban as well, there were just import and manufacture restrictions.

So they 'illuminate' the candidates and public by lying to them.

The 'report' is filled w/ this kind of nonsense. Referring to "Assault Weapons" as 'belonging on the battlefield', the old claim that CCW holders commit crimes more often than non-CCW holders using partial and incomplete statistics, claiming the NRA wants machineguns for everyone, etc.

It's funny that they talk about the BATFE's 'limited resources' when they have been critisized repeatedly for fraud, waste, and abuse, as well as spending millions in tax dollars to shut down dealers w/ minor paperwork infractions.

They've also picked up AHSA talking points"

it is worth noting that the NRA has overwhelmingly supported some of the biggest conservation opponents in Congress, and opposed many conservation supporters.
One would think that their goals were complementary or something.

And this is just after a cursory reading. Kaveman is going to have another Youtube video up if he tries to fisk this.


Anonymous said...

Well , since there's nothing new at the video store, I do need some new reading material for this weekend.

I'll probably stay sober though, my dog is about to have puppies and I'll need to be there for her.

I just really really hope I'm not the father.

Anonymous said...

Too funny. I ran across this post after reading the daily comics (BC Blog) and commenting on the HuffPo.

I guess its difficult to miss THAT much glaring stupidity.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

I like this Brady Campaign contention:

The NRA opposes the Federal machine gun ban enacted in 1986.

Not a word about the fact that by the time the Hughes Amendment was enacted in '86, machine guns had already been extremely heavily regulated at the federal level for over half a century.