Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Uncle called it

The Brady Bunch have jumped on the new anti-gun phrase "Disposable AK-47's" like a crack-whore on a $5 bill.

Sorry Paul. The only thing that's been shown to be 'disposable' is your integrity.


Anonymous said...

I heard a rumor that the marketing departments of several manufactures are going to soon release some new ads featuring their disposable guns.

"Hey shooter, tired of cleaning all those guns after a long day at the range? Do black powder rifles got ya down in the Hoppes dumps? Hate running to town 'cause ya ran out of pipe cleaners for your gas tube?"

"Well have we got a deal for you. Works sorta like this, see. Throw your guns away after shooting pieces of paper and water jugs and GO BUY NEW ONES AT THE COST OF HUNDREDS OR THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS."

Trip to the range?

Then a trip to the gun store!!!!!!

Bring your check book and even check out our new loan department!!!

*warning...ATF may start sniffing up your ass if you make frequent trips to the range*

the pistolero said...

That's assuming, of course, that Paul had any integrity in the first place...