Thursday, October 16, 2008

National Park Carry Update

Here is the suggested change:

Section 27.42—Firearms
The current regulation in Section
27.42 generally prohibits visitors from
possessing an operable and loaded
firearm in a national wildlife refuge
unless the firearm is used for lawful
hunting activities. Under the proposed
amendment, an individual will be able
to possess, carry, and transport
concealed, loaded, and operable
firearms within a national wildlife
refuge in the same manner, and to the
same extent, that a person may lawfully
possess, carry, and transport concealed,
loaded and operable firearms in any
state wildlife refuge, or any functionally
similar unit of state land, in the state in
which the national wildlife refuge, or
that portion thereof, is located.
Functionally similar state lands will
include, but not be limited to State
wildlife management areas and state
game areas. Possession of concealed
firearms in national wildlife refuges as
authorized by this section must also
conform to applicable federal laws.

I'm reading it that they support the idea that if it's legal in your state to carry in their parks, you can carry in the Federal parks in those states.

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