Monday, October 13, 2008

The Spinning ACORN

ACORN has been investigated for thousands of cases of registering people multiple times, under fake names, etc. While the state of Nevada may be partially at fault, this level of failure is beyond incompetence and sparks of the intentional. None of that matters on Huffpo however:

So, when one of the thousands of people they give jobs to doesn't do their work right and brings back bogus or phony voter registration cards...

The effect is that a few bad canvassers or a poorly run office will mean that bad cards are submitted as part of the normal process.

Sorry, when you have a fraud rate of well over 90% in multiple offices across multiple states, it's more than just 'a few bad apples' in 'one or two offices'. This is a deliberate move to skew numbers and commit voter fraud. But it's so much easier to whine "Faux News", "Florida", or "Repugs" than it is to look critically in the mirror.

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