Monday, September 8, 2008

We're not the NRA..

You have to love the PuSH'ers. Our old friend Kelli, over on Huffpo, cited an article in her defense that groups like the Brady Campaign have values that are 'incongruent' w/ gun rights advocates. Obviously she didn't read the whole thing.

It is an interesting article based off the abstract. It basically says that they argue from ignorance and stereotypes:

"In fact, the authors note, the more respondents' feelings were based on a stereotypical perception that all NRA members felt the same about rejecting gun control, the more likely they were to reject the organization as a way to distance themselves from these views."

*singing* Feelings! Nothing more than feelings!*

"Similarly, the authors found, the less personal experience that respondents had with NRA members, the more likely they were to reject the organization."

And which organizations push that stereotype of the NRA? Which ones require a blatant misrepresentation of their opponents and flat out lies in order to progress in any way? Oh, right.

"Respondents suggested that maintaining a cognitive separation between how they viewed themselves and what the NRA stood for was important to their self-image."

"I can't even comprehend what they're thinking."

They need to have something to hate, need to remain ignorant and mentally limited to help feel good about themselves.

Judging by the experiences I've had w/ BC members, that seems pretty accurate.

Thanks for the cite Kelli. I'll be looking up the whole thing (available at my local library), this week. You are your own worst enemy.

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