Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Suspicious Behavior in the UK

There's alsways the debate in the US about police being able to stop and question people for 'suspicious behavior. That usually constitutes turning around suddenly when seeing the police, odd bulges in clothing, throwing things, or walking down the street w/ a dripping water heater in a shopping cart.

In one town in the UK, however, suspicious behavior is now defined as being in a public park w/o children.

The sad thing is is that too many people here think we should emulate this kind of authoritarianism idiocy.

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Anonymous said...

"'commonsense approach' aimed at safeguarding children."

Dagnabit, I've heard that tag line somewhere before, just can't seem to place it.

What can you expect from a country now instituting "hat bans" because of fears the CCTV cameras won't be able to see you face.

That and they boil steak over there, WTF?