Thursday, September 11, 2008

The sheep bleats..

Ray Schoenke thinks the NRA shouldn't attack Obama even though he's voted to ban and confiscate firearms. He calls it 'vicious'. I guess the truth really sucks, eh Ray?

But this is the funniest:

My wife doesn't hunt. She doesn't even like guns. But, she does appreciate my love for hunting and guns - and we share a deep commitment to preserving our environment. And, I accept that she was a financial supporter of the Brady Campaign.

If she appreciates it, then why is she spending thousands of dollars to stop it? I'm sure you had no say so in where that money went, right?

Let's look at "Open Secrets", shall we:

WASHINGTON,DC 20005 RETIRED 3/23/00 $5,000 Handgun Control Inc

Who donated what now?

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