Friday, September 12, 2008

Evanston, IL reneging?

Seems a lawfirm has volunteered to go pro-bono in defense of their gun ban so they're considering re-instating it.
The NRA lawsuits include the San Francisco Housing Authority and Chicago, Oak Park and Evanston, Ill. Evanston ended its handgun ban last month but is considering reinstating it because a law firm has offered to defend the city at no cost, said Evanston Alderman Steve Bernstein.

Via Illinois Carry.


Anonymous said...

Well, duh. They didn't erase the ban because they felt freedom was more important, but because they couldn't afford the lawsuits.

Fascists find it easier to oppress when they can get someone else to foot the bill.

Which makes me wonder who's paying these bozos under the table.

Thirdpower said...

""There is going to be a lot of litigation on this," said Dennis Henigan, a spokesman for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence."

Hmmm. I wonder.

Turk Turon said...

IANAL, but doesn't the phrase "no cost" in this context mean that the client must pay all out-of-pocket costs? Copying, messengers, travel, depositions, transcripts, etc?

Anonymous said...

**Which makes me wonder who's paying these bozos under the table.**

Interesting point. Cause I was wondering about what kinda of quality any law firm would be able to give to a client for free.....

K-Romulus said...

This could be bad. Big law firms give free advice to far-left causes all the time.

Exhibit #1: Big DC firms gave DC free legal help in Heller. A LOT of help.

Exhibit #2: a Philadelphia big law firm successfully defended the PA State Police handgun owner registry, even though state law banned the practice. The Phila. firm won by pushing a hyper-technical definition of "registry." And the firm did it for free - the State Police paid nothing for the help.