Friday, September 12, 2008


Bitter has a post on a letter to the editor from a Philly woman by the name of Charlotte Mears. Ms. Mears seems to project some of the blame onto the NRA for the death of her son in 2006.

My beloved son was stolen from me on Oct. 4, 2006. I say "stolen" because that's what happens. Our children aren't "lost," they are stolen from us by a horrid evil that lives in the hearts and minds of some human beings....

Who need guns to prove how tough they are - why don't we put the blame where it truly belongs? They are an open, festering, rotten wound on the soul of this country that will never heal until something is done about them.

If you're wondering what I'm talking about, they call themselves the National Rifle Association! We'll continue to have a gun problem as long as we have people who are afraid of their own shadows.

No one in this nation is safe. No one!

As is the SOP for people blaming guns, there's more to the story:
It was a routine request heard daily in city prisons - an inmate wanting some medical attention. But Lance Mears needed more than aspirin or an Ace bandage yesterday. Mears, 30, was clutching his bloody neck as he approached the prison guard shortly after breakfast and "asked to go to medical," prison spokesman Bob Eskind said. The guard escorted him the 20 or so feet to a medical triage area on the F-1 unit of the Philadelphia Industrial Correctional Center, where Mears was being held without bail in connection with a June killing, Eskind said.

Mears, of Southwest Philadelphia, went into the city prison system in June, less than a year after he was freed from a 10-year-stint in state prison for a 1995 shooting, records show.

He was in court Tuesday for his latest case, the June 5 slaying of Victor Shaw, 20. But the judge continued his preliminary hearing to November, according to court records. Mears' mother, who was not at the proceeding, said the case was postponed because two witnesses failed to appear.

That's right. Another "Good Boy" who was "turning his life around" and who never would have caused any more problems if it wasn't for the NRA handing out guns on the streets.

Sorry Ms. Mears. This has nothing to do w/ the NRA and everything to do in the sub-culture of violence your son was involved in and which you are an apologist for.


Anonymous said...

"No one in this nation is safe. No one!"

Well, if I ever get the chance to meet this woman, I might say "The world is a bit safer now that your son is dead."

Is that harsh? Yea.

Is it true? Again, yea.

Anonymous said...

Just read the whole thing at Bitter's and wanted to make sure I got this right. I was up late last night cleaning guns so bear with me.

Dude is convicted of shooting/killing some other dude.

Dude serves 10 years in the state pen.

Less than a year after release, dude is arrested as murder suspect for yet another dude drinking booze in the street or on the side walk.

Mom says he's a good boy and didn't do it.

Dude gets stabbed in the neck multiple times in not only a gun free zone but an all out weapons free zone, "only ones" excluded.

Mom says, "why don't we put the blame where it truly belongs?"

Mom then blames 3 million people who had nothing to do with her son being "taken" or "lost", never even mentioning the dude that repeatedly stuck a shiv in her son's neck.

Maybe this kid would have been OK if he had had a positive male role modle in his life, like this dude...

Thirdpower said...

Yeah, that's pretty much it.