Saturday, May 31, 2008

Down in Flames..

IL HB 2760, the Victim Criminalization Act of '08, went down in flames, 64 to 47. And yes, for IL this, as one individual on IllinoisCarry stated, this left a crater. Normally a bill like this would, at best, fail by one or two votes.

At the same time, SB 1007, the Standard Capacity Magazine Ban by notorious fact fabricator Kotowski, is in danger of being gutted by one of its co-sponsors.

Overall not a bad day in Il.

Thanks to 45Superman on IllinoisCarry for the update.


Anonymous said...

Bad news for that man from Illinois who doesn't like guns and wants to be President.

Anonymous said...

Dont ya just love it when politicos make stuff more illegal than it already is?

Hmmm, we don't prosecute felonies to the full extent of the law as it is, so let's increase the possible penalty allowed and then still sentence people to our current standard.