Thursday, May 29, 2008

More Brady Reasoned Discourse

Well it looks like the comment censoring moderating over at the Brady puppet site "GodnotGuns" was overwhelmed by a wave of what I'm sure were support so much so that they were forced to turn them off.

I'm sure that's the reason.

I'm sure it had nothing to do w/ statements like"

When Charlton Heston held up a rifle at the NRA convention in Denver Colorado just weeks after the shootings at Columbine High School and shouted, ‘…from my cold, dead hands…’ he was making an idol of the gun.


When our Congressional representatives give the gun industry immunity from prosecution,


when they refuse to regulate guns as consumer products,


when they refuse to enact gun laws such as the AWB that will save thousands of lives,


when Congress does the bidding of the gun lobby in exchange for campaign dollars they are making an idol of the gun.


You know. That whole Ninth Commandment thing.

And this is someone who preaches to us about blasphemy? This is someone who the Brady's are holding up as an example of moral certitude?

I hope they continue.

Update: Ahab shows that the good Rev. is misusing the word to push their agenda so it went down the memory hole yet they appear to be allowing some comments now. Brady Reasoned Discourse in action.


Anonymous said...


I was just at the God not guns site and it seems to be posting comments. Very few, I only saw 3.

I'm betting there is some heavy moderating going on behind the scenes. I'll keep trying to get more pointed comments through.

Melody said...

ust when I thought the Brady Campaign had hit bottom they sink even lower. Instead take their sleazy site, turn the color scheme blue and attempt to pass this off as religious.
All the while begging for more money, but in the name of God “this time”.

The Brady Campaign has no shame. Using God to make themselves look legitimate if you read scripture you will know there is a place in Hell for the Brady Bunch leadership and its loyal followers.

Anonymous said...

It's peculiar that slavishly worshipping the golden calf of big government gets a pass, but taking the modest precaution of owning a gun is somehow considered to be pure blasphemy. That makes no sense from any religious perspective, but from a Marxist perspective, it's perfectly logical.