Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Doug Pennington doesn't want to be called a Liar..

And then goes on to lie.

1a. Brady does not advocate banning guns...

That's right Doug. You don't advocate banning guns except for "Assault Weapons"(by whatever definition), "Saturday Night Specials", .50 Cals., and whatever firearms are forced to add technology that doesn't exist.

Brady supports the District in the DC gun case because we want to influence the Court's opinion, not because we like DC's handgun ban as policy.

Yep, you want to influence them to allow DC keep the policy of banning handguns and forcing people to keep long arms disabled.

And then he goes on about "Assault Weapons":

3b. A google news search of "ak-47" - pulling a name out of the air - gets about 2,000 hits. A lot of those are foreign stories; filter those out and look at just the the American articles to see how easily those rifles (and AK-type pistols) end up not in the hands of police, military, or specialized target shooters, but in drug users', gangsters', random teenagers'.... Society shouldn't have to pay this price for the privilege of a few civilian AK aficionados. It's not a tough call.

semi-auto assault rifle

soft body armor-piercing ammunition

Guess what Doug. You know the difference between an AK and a semi-auto clone yet you intentionally try to confuse the two. That's called lying.


Anonymous said...

Looks like I'm back on the naughty list over at HuffPo, all of my posts responding to Doug have been nuked.

I was trying to engage him like we did with Zach in a polite manner.

Maybe if I hurl vitriol like Jade, my posts would pass the moderators.

Anonymous said...

Why do we continue to call semi-auto AK clones AKs? We don't call ARs M16s.

Not that the name really matters, but it would help differentiate between the two.

Arthur said...

"Why do we continue to call semi-auto AK clones AKs?"

What would you call them? It'd have to be something that wasn't so unwieldy or awkward sounding that it would never be used.

West, By God said...

Call 'em what they are maybe... an STG-2000, a WASR-10, Saiga, whatever.