Monday, August 21, 2017

@Gen_Con 2017: Day 3 Victory and Loss x2

An evening of good company, several bowls of good chili, a shower (oh gods a shower, how wonderful) and a comfy couch to sleep on (and boy did I sleep) brought me close to 100%.  I left before most were awake (having some early-ish events and wanting to get good parking).

A much shorter day planned w/ an OGRE tournament at 10am and then some talks and a last vendor hall walkthrough.  Showed up a bit early to the tourny tables.  Got to browse through one of the OGRE 6E boxes set up for demos. Being used to the Designer Edition, it's so tiny.  :)

10am.  I am the only person at the table.

10:15 am.  I am the only person at the table.

No-one else showed.  While I don't mind winning by default, I really wanted a game.  Andreas, the Demo Team Co-ordinator, hooked me up. Just walking by was one Al Griego, longtime OGRE player and MIB for SJGames who took up the challenge of a game.  He chose attack (An OGRE Mk 3) and had no problems w/ me using my own pieces.  I went w/ a classic Fuzzy Wuzzy defense.  All GEV's.

First round he expended his missiles and I took out his Main Battery.  After that my tactics were near perfect.  My movement planned to the space.  Every unit that could be in range would be in range.  Most of them got out of range of the OGRE each turn if able.

But my rolls sucked beyond belief.  After I managed to get the OGRE down to 2 movement, I went two turns w/o a single hit.  After the 2nd round of that, I knew there was no way to stop him killing my Command Post and conceded the game.

I stated on the book of face that the first person to beat me in the game would get a copy of the Nihon KS sheets.  I kept my promise.  It was a good game.

Since this was a 'for fun' game, I was still declared the winner of the tourney and got the swag.  Al already had 6E so didn't mind.  I got the game, extra sheets, and the Con/Tourney exclusive acrylic CP.

Since it ended early, I skipped up the the ZOE/DG Fan Talk for new announcements.

Chris DuppenThaler (he didn't talk much, we kept forgetting he was there), Christian Doyle, Tony Becerra (Humans and Households), Don Early (Demon Hunters), Ben Dobyns, and Chris Ode on Camera.

 Journey Quest S4&5 are happening. They've been contracted and are being written. ZOE/DG are formally becoming one company.  A Fartherall RPG might happen. Lots more Kickstarters and plans in the works.

After the talk, I said my goodbye's to the folks and did a last walkaround the vendors floor.

Calye from JBMPress.I have lots of their badges and the bag. 

At the Steve Jackson Games booth,  a demo team member (Ariel iirc) was showing a couple to play OGRE.  I got a little obnoxious and 'helped'.  Her remark  "He doesn't work for us. He's just a big fan". She got a Nihon sheet too for putting up w/ me.

Time to head home.

Next up will be swag and thoughts. 

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Karl Gallagher said...

Congrats on the tourney win. Hopefully I can make it there some day so you can beat me fair and square. My condolences on the dice. Sometimes they do that.